Name Licence
Gson Apache v2.0
recyclerview-swipe Apache v2.0
recyclerview-animators Apache v2.0
SwitchButton Apache v2.0
Flexbox Apache v2.0
OpenSSL Apache v2.0
Fastjson Apache v2.0
Eventbus Apache v2.0
OKHttp Apache v2.0
OKIO Apache v2.0
RxJava Apache v2.0
lottie Apache v2.0
systembartint Apache v2.0
adapterdelegates3 Apache v2.0
MPAndroidChart Apache v2.0
TextLayoutBuilder Apache v2.0
android-jsc BSD License
mqttv3 EPL-1.0
Fresco MIT Licensed
React-native MIT Licensed
DSBridge-Android MIT Licensed
grpc Apache v2.0
libevent 3-clause BSD license.
Mars MIT license
MMKV BSD 3-Clause License
Litho Apache v2.0
LDNetDiagnoService_Android No open source
LoopView Apache v2.0
grpc-java Apache v2.0
react-native-svg MIT licensed
react-native-image-picker MIT licensed
wcdb BSD 3-Clause License (Terms of the Apache License, Version 2.0,Terms of the OpenSSL License,Original SSLeay License,Open Source Software Licensed Under the ICU License , BSD 3-Clause License)
zxing Apache v2.0
commons-compress Apache v2.0
soloader Apache v2.0
spongycastle https://github.com/bcgit/bc-java/blob/master/LICENSE.html
Android-BluetoothKit No open source
Android-nRF-Mesh-Library BSD 3-Clause License
kotlin Apache v2.0
android support Apache v2.0
Matrix BSD 3-Clause License
mbedtls Apache v2.0
libuv MIT license
libsrtp https://github.com/cisco/libsrtp/blob/v2.2.0/LICENSE
cjson MIT license
kcp MIT license
openssl Apache v2.0
curl https://curl.haxx.se/docs/copyright.html
FFmpeg LGPLv2.1
rapidjson MIT license
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